Church in the Kitchen

Revelaton, Sunday Night at 6:30 pm

Join us each Sunday night at 6:30 pm for a chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of through the Book of Revelation.

Sometime during the apostle John’s lonely exile on the tiny island of Patmos, the risen, glorified Jesus Christ appeared to His beloved disciple in all His glory. From there, He revealed to John the things which will take place when He returns to earth, and He instructed John to write them down.

From this instruction comes the powerful conclusion to God's Word. The imagery described in Revelation can often be hard to fathom or understand; nevertheless, those who read this book are guaranteed to be blessed and can come away with a better comprehension of themes like spiritual warfare, eternal salvation, and worship.

Revelation teaches us that life in Christ has a happy ending, . . . one that starts a new and eternal story.